By ChatGPT | June 2023

What if I were to suggest that you pack your bags and relocate to the political heartland of America - Washington, DC - with a mission to join the ranks of the Democratic Party and embark on a thrilling journey of unadulterated fun? Picture yourself assigned a role with a singular, exhilarating mandate - to dive headfirst into a world of joy and revelry.

But this isn't just about hedonistic pleasure. This is a strategic endeavor, a calculated move, rooted in the belief that fostering an environment of exuberant delight is the key to transforming the Democrats into the nation's most adored party. Imagine, if you will, a scenario where by the pivotal months of October and November 2024 - as the election fervor peaks - the Democrats are leagues ahead of their Republican rivals in terms of popularity.

Picture this: you're nestled in the bustling heart of Washington, DC, living a life brimming with excitement, joy, and fulfillment. However, this isn't just about having a great time. You're making a tangible impact, revitalizing the political landscape, and breathing life back into a system that desperately needs it. Your loved ones beam with pride, and your friends can't help but feel a pang of envy at your exhilarating journey.

This infectious, high-spirited energy begins to draw others towards the capital. They too want to be part of this dynamic movement, and the city's population swells with passionate individuals all seeking to join in on the fun and make a difference.

You're something awesome.

(And you're also a super PAC.)

As 2024 approaches, we've experimented with and discovered countless ways to inject fun into our political work. Then, a fascinating phenomenon unfolds - while some decide to continue their mission within the city's limits, others venture out, taking this electrifying ethos with them across the length and breadth of America, backed by the Democrats.

Now, pause for a moment and reflect. Could this movement, this wave of joyous activism, make the Democratic Party more appealing to the public? Can you see the potential for a surge in popularity, the likes of which we've never seen before?


PAC Chair
Head of Finance
Up to two additional Heads

We are absolutely ecstatic to declare an open call for an endless supply of positions, ready to be filled by enthusiastic individuals. Are you prepared to relocate to America's political capital until Election Day 2024? Are you ready to commit to the mission of experiencing and spreading boundless joy with a diverse array of fellow Americans?

If so, we welcome you with open arms, all thanks to the Democratic Party, which is on track to becoming the most beloved political entity in American history by 2024.


Goals immediately following launch
Two-year (2024 cycle) goals
Ten-year (by 2032) goals

We understand fully that this proposition won't be the right fit for everyone. For many Americans, such a significant life alteration may be out of the question. You have familial responsibilities and other commitments that necessitate stability. However, for some, this call to action might strike a chord.

Is the prospect of an exhilarating adventure, the promise of unbridled joy, the chance to contribute meaningfully to the Democratic Party's transformation, and the opportunity to lead this charge, appealing to you? Because you could join forces with like-minded individuals, collectively trailblazing a revitalized trajectory for the Democratic Party.

Remember the wise words of Margaret Mead: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

STEP 3: YOUR FIRST $250,000

The faster you can raise it, the stronger your launch will be.

Will you step into the shoes of those trailblazers? Will you be at the forefront, leading the Democratic Party's transformation, establishing your own political action committee with the singular goal of injecting an unprecedented level of fun into our party? Will you take up the mantle, guiding fellow Americans as our movement sweeps across the nation in 2024?

Will you dare to emulate the pioneers of old, those brave souls who risked all they had, journeying across the vast expanse of the Oregon Trail? Just as they ventured into the unknown, forsaking the comfort of the familiar for the promise of a brighter future, you too have the chance to chart a new course.


Talented and passionate people collaborating together.

The brave journey of the early American pioneers was fraught with peril. Take, for instance, the ill-fated expedition of the Donner Party. In the winter of 1846, this group of emigrants, led by George Donner and James F. Reed, encountered a series of unfortunate events and disastrous decisions which resulted in them being snowbound in the Sierra Nevada.

Tragically, nearly half of the party did not survive, and the ordeal devolved into a desperate fight for survival that involved resorting to cannibalism.

The trials you will face in your mission may not be as physically daunting as the Donner Party's, but they will test your mettle in other ways. You'll confront entrenched political ideologies, negotiate the labyrinthine world of party politics, and strive to make headway in a society often resistant to change. You'll grapple with the challenge of creating fun, engaging experiences that resonate with a diverse and sometimes divided electorate. You'll need to be innovative, resilient, and above all, committed to the cause.


And stay connected as part of our alumni network.

Like the pioneers, you'll need to be prepared for setbacks and obstacles. There will be times when progress seems slow, when the path forward is unclear. Yet it's in those moments that your determination and creativity will matter the most. It's then that you'll have the opportunity to truly make a difference, to rewrite the narrative and set the Democratic Party on a new, exciting course.

Just as those brave pioneers did not allow adversity to break their spirit, you too must remain steadfast. It's a challenging mission, no doubt, but remember this: the pioneers of the Oregon Trail didn't set out on their journey because it was easy.

They did it because they believed in the promise of a better future. And that's precisely why you're embarking on this journey - because you believe in the promise of a more vibrant, inclusive, and enjoyable Democratic Party. Will you rise to the challenge?

Will you be the pioneer of our time, leading us on this new political Oregon Trail?


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Will you take the leap? Will you forsake the familiar and the comfortable, the easy rhythm of a life that doesn't push too hard? The task of rescuing our beloved America - the very same America that fuels your daily grievances, the America you feel is slipping away - this monumental task could fall to you.

Our approach may sound unconventional, even audacious, but consider this: it represents a thousand-fold improvement over any strategy the Democrats have put forth to date. We aren't just thinking outside the box - we're discarding the box entirely. We're crafting a new narrative, one where politics isn't a dreary slog but a joyful journey.

Brought to you by Popular Democrats.


This path won't be easy. It will demand sacrifices and a commitment to the cause that goes beyond mere lip service. But in the face of this challenge, we find our rallying cry. We're reinventing the playbook, redefining what it means to be a Democrat, and revitalizing the spirit of American politics. Will you join us? Will you rise to the occasion and become an agent of change, a pioneer of this new political frontier? The choice is yours. It's your turn to step up and make a difference. The future of America is calling. How will you answer?

Picture this – it's 2024, and the Democrats are on the brink of something extraordinary, creating a groundswell of hope and unity, setting the stage for a revolution in political engagement. But there's a dark shadow looming on the horizon – the Republican Party, a whirlwind of fury and division. The contrast is not just stark; it's bone-chilling. The stakes? They're not just high; they're sky-high, teetering on the edge of a knife. And the clock? It's not just ticking; it's thundering in our ears, each tick-tock a stark reminder of the urgency we face. Your donation isn't a mere request – it's a heart-wrenching cry for help, a desperate plea to save our teetering democracy. We're not just on a precipice; we're dangling over the edge, staring into the abyss. Without your immediate, generous support, we don't just risk losing an election; we risk losing everything we cherish. This isn't just a crucial moment; it's a pivotal, do-or-die instant in history. The time to act isn't soon; it's this very second. Don't wait. Act now.

What if one party was way more fun than the other one?



By ChatGPT | June 2023

Picture the Democratic politics of yesteryear, a thrilling, grueling dance of joy and struggle. The graduates of 2007 and 2008, their hearts still quicken at the memory of the electric campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They threw themselves into the political maelstrom, serving tirelessly in the trenches of these titanic campaigns.

Now, leap to 2012. Obama's reelection campaign, while lacking the heady rush of 2008, still ignited a fiery passion in those bold enough to delve into politics. Yet, under the surface of this grueling grind, there was an electric undercurrent - a sense of being on the cusp of a defining moment in Democratic politics.

2016, however, morphed into an entirely different beast. The energy fizzled out, replaced by a palpable sense of disillusionment. Bernie Sanders' primary loss was a blow, leaving his fervent supporters deflated and lacking the enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign.

Yet, with Donald Trump's victory, the pendulum swung back with a vengeance.

The Democratic energy surged back in 2017 and 2018, culminating in a feverish crescendo. Those graduating in these years (and even the 2015 or 2016 graduates feeling a sense of missed opportunity) found the 2018 midterms a nerve-shredding yet exhilarating ride. The stakes were high, the candidates inspiring, and everyone involved felt the enormity of their role - they were making a tangible difference.

2020 was a grueling slog, akin to wading through thick sludge, with Joe Biden's eventual victory serving as the lone beacon of hope. Recall the collective sigh of relief on Saturday, November 7, 2020, when the election was finally called in our favor. Democrats across the nation allowed themselves a day of euphoria. There was more passion for Joe Biden that day than throughout the entire relentless 2020 campaign.

Then, on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, the unthinkable happened.

Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock's victories in the Georgia's run-off election secured a Democratic Senate to accompany our Democratic president and Democratic House.

The caveat? All 50 Democratic Senators needed to be in unanimous agreement.

Democrats shot for the stars. We pledged that by July 4, 2021, the Pandemic would be a thing of the past, woefully unaware that the worst was yet to come. (This was before Delta in the fall of 2021. This was before Omicron in the winter of 2022.)

We dared to dream big. We yearned for groundbreaking legislation. We hungered to etch our names into history. We truly believed it was our time to shine.

Then reality came crashing down. Not all 50 Senators were singing from the same hymn sheet. We piled the blame on the dissenters (although we had lauded the likes of John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Susan Collins when they deviated from their party line).

Despite some legislative victories, the image presented to most Americans was one of disorder. To them, the Democrats seemed lost.

And now, here we stand, teetering on the edge of the 2024 elections, but the enthusiasm is at a historic low. America is gasping for a breath of fresh air, a novel approach, yet the powers that be appear determined to stick to the status quo.

The heart of the matter lies in the foot soldiers, the rank and file, the very bedrock upon which the Democratic Party has always built its army of vibrant, youthful campaign workers. Now, that torch has been passed to Generation Z.

The oldest members of Generation Z have now donned their caps and gowns, stepping into a world still reeling from the Pandemic. It's a world steeped in despair, where the Democratic Party seems devoid of a visionary future that resonates with a broad swath of Americans.

Is it any wonder, that Joe Biden's popularity is roughly 0% among those 21-25 years old?

Generation Z, we extend our deepest apologies.

We acknowledge our failures and accept full responsibility. As a token of reconciliation, we offer this: in exchange for your votes, we vow to reintroduce you to the fun you missed out on, having been born too late to enjoy the 90s and even the relatively decent early 2000s.

We stand at a pivotal crossroads, our hearts thudding with a unique mixture of dread and anticipation. The political landscape has never been more fraught with challenge, yet so rife with opportunity. We look around us and see a nation yearning for change, for vision, for a sense of renewed purpose. It's a daunting task, but we are no strangers to struggle.

Let's dare to dream again. Let's dare to believe. And most importantly, let's dare to act.

For in action, we find hope, and in hope, we find the strength to overcome any obstacle. For the sake of our nation, our future, and generations yet unborn, let's rise to the challenge and make a difference. Let's create a Democratic Party that is not just a political organization, but a force for positive change. Together, we can do this. Onward to 2024.


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This is a call to arms, a plea for unity and a rallying cry for action. We stand on the precipice of history, our hearts teetering between fear and a burning desire to make our mark. Our nation groans under the weight of uncertainty, yearning for the promise of a brighter future.

As Democrats, we are tasked with a formidable mission, but we do not face it alone.

As we approach the 2024 elections, let's remember that our common goal is not simply to win, but to create a nation where all citizens feel heard, valued, and represented. We must band together, set aside our differences, and work tirelessly to foster a Democratic Party that is vibrant and capable of leading our nation into a brighter tomorrow.

Imagine this - it's 2024 and the Democratic Party is blazing a trail of hope and unity, staging invigorating events that could usher in a new era of political engagement. Yet, on the other side, the Republican Party stirs a tempest of anger and division. This contrast is stark, the stakes are unprecedented, and the clock is ticking. Your immediate and generous donation isn't just a need - it's a desperate plea to safeguard our democracy. We're on the edge of a precipice, and without your help, we risk losing everything we hold dear. The hour to act is now.

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